How to Fall Back Asleep Fast When you Wake Up in the Middle of the Night

By: Patrick Stiles

Waking up in the middle of the night is a drag.

Now, I’ve talked to Doctors, our head of product research (who holds a PhD in Bio-chem), Certified Nutritionists, biohackers and hundreds of “Zen Lifers” around the world to get a better picture on this…

… But most of all – I’ve learned to listen to my body. It takes tweaking. This is what I’ve learned to fall back asleep FAST.

How to fall BACK asleep FAST

Here’s what will help you fall back asleep FAST the next time you wake up in the middle of the night:

Get back to bed fast and stay lying down — so your body doesn’t feel it’s time to be awake and alert.

However, if you’re lying in bed for more than 20 minutes — wide awake — and you feel like you can’t do it anymore, get out of bed and do something else. Always something relaxing, like listening to music or reading. Don’t daydream or let your mind wander too much into worry. Only come back to bed when you’re ready to sleep.

Sometimes, I use the time to do some work (only with blue-light-blocking software — Flux — on my computer at max setting)… This work time does 3 things:

  1. It makes my insomnia time productive (the silver lining of it at least)
  2. Makes me less guilty if I sleep in, and
  3. Makes me tired… So I can get back to sleep

Read to stop your mind from producing thoughts — this also disengages your frontal cortex (the conscious thought part of the brain) and lets you drop into a relaxed state that allows you to fall asleep.

But make sure you keep the lights at their minimum…

Boom — this tires your mind, and puts you back to sleep. 🙂

Advanced tip — Fiction is fine, but try experimenting with reading different subjects. If you read non-fiction, as boring as it can be, you assimilate knowledge into your brain, which actually tires you out.

But I won’t reach for the book until I’ve laid there for at least 10-15 minutes and I can feel I’m not going back to sleep on my own.

If racing thoughts are keeping you awake, you can also try meditating, while you lie in bed.

This will stop the “thought-train of worry” in your mind, and help you drop into sleep.

And physiologically — it also reduces cortisol (too much cortisol could be what woke you up and prevents you from falling back asleep).

This doesn’t have to be a big ordeal… To meditate, all you have to do is focus on your breath entering and leaving the tip of your nose. No counting. No rituals. Just bring your attention back to your breath.

If your mind wanders, simply let that thought go and return your focus back to your breath at the tip of your nose.

If you have another 3 to 4 hours before you need to be up, take another Zen Night.

Zen Night is a powerful all-natural sleep aid. The combo of ingredients help relax your body, make you drowsy, reduce racing thoughts and induce your sleep cycle.

All this means Zen Night can help you:

  • Fall asleep fast
  • Stay asleep all night
  • Release body tension and calm your mind — reducing anxiety and racing thoughts
  • Wake up refreshed, energized and without any sleeping pill hangover

All of this, thanks to its highly-effective all-natural ingredients – herbs, amino acids and vitamins.

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