Fight your Anxiety Exercising

By: Elizabeth Thompson

Exercise is a fantastic way to decrease your anxiety.

No – you don’t need to drop down to your college weight, become a gym rat, or ridiculously buff or super-model skinny.

Even if you only walk for 20 minutes a day, when you are parked in front of the TV on a tread mill, or during your lunch, you can feel the difference… especially right afterwards.

I like to take 20-60 minute walks whenever I feel the walls closing in on me. It has the best effects when it is nice and sunny out. Bonus points, if I have an enjoyable phone call during it or listen to a positive audio program on my iPod.

But for maximum effect, I find that breaking a sweat up to 5 times a week is what is really needed. Yes, this requires something like jogging, jump roping, or lifting weights.

But seriously, is solving your anxiety worth it to you?

Your brain releases endorphins when you exercise, and thus it makes you feel better. It leads to higher self esteem by doing something positive and healthy for yourself. And it gives you more energy.

I actually find that taking the time to exercise, unless there is an immediate crushing deadline, actually makes me more productive at work too. So in reality, it doesn’t take any additional time, it makes my work time more productive.

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