How to Control Your Anxiety with Diet

By: Elizabeth Thompson

Staying energized especially on healthy foods


I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have felt tired and stressed out by the end of the week, just to realize that I’ve been doing everything right except eating both regularly and healthy.

Fast food is murder. When I get lazy and start eating fast food more than I should I get tired.

And this decreases my performance, and leads to negative self talk and makes me anxious.

Plus, eating bad is a blow to my self esteem, because I know it is so bad for me and not congruent with the type of health I’d like to have. And having dips in the esteem department doesn’t help my ability to deal with anxiety.

Personally, I love eating fresh vegetables and fruits every day. When I’m in a rush, I’ll throw an apple and banana in with some protein powder and grapefruit juice for breakfast or lunch.

Granola bars and carrots between meals. And when I eat this healthy, I don’t mind having bigger meals for lunch or dinner, because the over calories and portions work out in my favor.

Of course, I don’t eat like a saint 7 days a week… Especially when it’s guy’s night out.

Eating healthy helps me stay less anxious. And I believe it is a mix between knowing I’m eating healthy for my mental state of mind and the energy it provides.

But, the kicker for me is if I let myself run empty and I bonk (feel awful, incredibly hungry, inability to think straight). This normally derails my entire day, destroys my productivity, and stresses me out.

Especially when I let what appears to be an urgent emergency, that in hindsight not important at all, take over my day, prevent me from eating and then I eat a bunch of carbs to regain my energy and momentum.

The most embarrassing thing was when my girlfriend would know I was hungry before I did.

She would ask if I needed a snack, half jokingly, and I’d realize 1) Yes, I was feeling hungry, and 2) I was being kind of cranky.

When this happens, I need to pause and take care of it, before I completely derail my day.

Not all that much different than not getting enough rest, but much easier to prevent and reel back in when you feel yourself getting irritable or flustered.

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