Natural Formula Helps Boost Your Mood - Making You Happier, Excited About Life and Less Irritable with Fewer Mood Swings‏

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Zen Mood

  • Reduces your irritableness, prickliness and tension
  • Stops you from feeling drained or lethargic
  • Helps increase your “happy” brain chemicals & neurotransmitters

Now you can quickly, naturally and safely feel happier – finally climbing out of the dark hole of depressing, crappy moods that are preventing you from being happy and getting the most out of life…

All this with a simple, natural, healthy-yet-extremely-powerful supplement that combines the most clear, convincing cutting-edge research from around the world…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Zen Mood Really Work?

Zen Mood is effective, and has worked for lots of people. However, there are no silver bullets. No product is 100% effective. It simply comes down to your individual bio-chemistry. You need to try Zen Mood for yourself, to know if it is effective for your particular case.

What are the ingredients and ammounts used in this formula?


Is Zen Mood All Natural?

Zen Mood is 100% all-nature. It consist of herbs, amino acids, vitamins, herbs and hormones. All of its ingredients may be found in our food supply.

What Are Zen Mood’s Dosage Directions?

3 capsules of Zen Mood should be taken every morning either before or with breakfast.

Can I take Zen Mood with Medication?

If you are on any medications, you should discuss taking Zen Mood with your doctor or pharmacist.

Can I take Zen Mood with an SSRI/SNRI?

No. Zen Mood should not be taken with these types of medications, because of a known interaction between them and 5-HTP.

Can Zen Mood Be Taken if I Have a Medical Condition?

If you have a medical condition, you should consult your doctor before taking Zen Mood.

Is Zen Mood Addictive?

No. Zen Mood is not chemically addictive. Nor should it be habit forming.


I’m confident you’ll get the exact the results you’re looking for from all Zen Life products. But — if for any reason, or no reason at all — you’re not 100% happy, we’ll get all of your money back. No strings. No gimmicks. This gives you 3 months to “test drive” any of our products… Giving you plenty time to make sure you’re left with absolutely no doubts. And if you ever need anything our customer service is here to help you, contact us anytime at

Patrick Stiles — Zen Life Co-founder