How to Meditate in 4 Simple Steps

By: Patrick Stiles

Meditating is amazing for your mind and body. It is like lifting weights for your “focus and discipline” muscle.

And it helps reduce anxiety, worry, racing thoughts and insomnia.

While everyone should be doing it… Two simple things stand in our way most of the time…

The know-how and making the time.

But – it is incredibly easy to get started. And it can take only 5 minutes per day… Plus, it is a great way to “talk yourself off the edge” when you realize your mind is starting to spiral out of control with racing thoughts…

… And it is great to “wind down” for sleep. Not only will it help calm you – wiping clean the residual thoughts of the day that can keep you awake… But it can be part of your evening ritual to drift off into sleep.

So here is how to start meditating right now…

1. All you have to do is get in a comfortable position. You don’t have to sit on the hard ground, or cross-legged, or without back support.

You can sit in a chair or against the wall.

2. Close your eyes, and start breathing through your nose. Draw your attention to the tip of your nose, where you feel your breath coming into your body… And going out.

3. If a thought arises, don’t push it away or shut it out. Just, when you realize you’re thinking, let the thought drift away.

Focus only on the present moment, and don’t judge or analyze any thoughts that might come to your head – just let them go by. Like clouds in the sky.

4. Then bring your focus back to the tip of your nose, watching the breath.

You will realize how much your mind is constantly thinking – analyzing, judging, comparing, narrating, worrying, planning or remembering. This is called the “monkey mind.”

And it is very hard to stay focused on the breath.

But meditation is not about getting it right. Sometimes your mind races more than others.

Just take it all as it comes. What you are really doing is “training your mind” as if you were going to the gym to train your muscles.

And – just as you might look for help in supplements to keep up with your physical training or to maximize its effects, you can also rely on natural supplements to help you in this process of “mental workout.”

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“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” – Amit Ray

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