What NOT TO DO When You Wake Up in The Middle of The Night

By: Patrick Stiles

Waking up in the middle of the night is one of the biggest complaints for insomniacs.

It can be tricky. For me, sometimes I fall right back asleep. But sometimes – for random reasons – my body and mind will NOT drop back into sleep.

If you’ve done everything you should [link]before you go to bed to STAY ASLEEP all night this is what NOT to do when you wake up.


What NOT TO DO when you wake up in the middle of the night.

If you wake up during the night, the best thing you can do is try not to wake up your body.

If you get up, get back into bed and into a relaxed sleep position ASAP.

Sometimes, I feel like I won’t be able to fall back asleep quickly. But I still just get into bed and into a relaxed sleeping position… And a lot of times, I’ll go right back to sleep.

The reason is this: the closer you are to when you woke up, the easier it is to fall back asleep. The cocktail of sleep chemicals is still swimming around in your biology.

So unless the urge is minor, if something specific wakes me up, I’ll immediately take care of it and get it over with. This applies to having to pee, hunger (read below for this), if I’m too hot or cold, or just plain old worry.

Getting up and moving too much wakes the body. Melatonin diminishes and cortisol increases.

TV is a terrible idea. And so is talking. I’ll just grunt at my partner.

(Definitely) don’t reach for your phone or tablet. The stimulation will wake up your mind. And the light will interrupt your melatonin production.

Don’t eat — Because your body will start digesting the food, which will interrupt your sleep — if you can even fall back asleep on a full stomach.

If hunger pains woke you up and keep you awake, definitely do eat but keep it small.

Don’t drink a lot of water. Sounds obvious… But no harm in reminding you. Sometimes in Colorado where it is really dry, I get so thirsty. Or if I’m hot during the summer, the urge is to cool down with some water.

Just keep it small. If I wake thirsty, I’ll take a sip of water to wet my mouth, making me much more comfortable and able to sleep…

… Because the last thing you want is to have to pee in an hour or two.

Next, don’t look at the clock. It will only add stress to your lack of sleepiness. I actually don’t have a visible clock in my bedroom.

I removed a traditional clock from my bedroom, and just use my phone. This is less light (and even small amounts disrupt sleep). And I can’t see the time unless I press it.

Try NOT to daydream as you lie there. If you start getting energized by what you’re thinking about, you engage the frontal cortex of your brain (the thinking brain) – and it will wake up conscious thought.

Now it is okay to think (obviously) — but try not to engage in any conscious thought (especially worry)… Just let your mind drift aimlessly.

And no matter what — don’t focus on any worries, tasks, to-do lists or things that will wake you up.

Finally, if I wake up in the middle of the night… I take a Zen Night. There is no problem with taking a double dose if you need it.

It quiets the mind. Relaxes the body. And helps you sleep. Deep and restful. So you can wake up refreshed and feeling great.

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Just look at what Linda Johnston wrote from Fullerton, CA

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